How did you get into weddings?

Before entering the wedding photography world together in 2003. We were both friends beforehand and met in the surfing world. We would compete against one another and then eventually we would photograph each other to get into magazines and articles. From there, we started our own surf magazine and to save our printing budget we would self assign photo shoots with professionals and soon realized photographing people was our calling. Although, there is a lot of overlapping in our photography, we've expanded our scope of work to commercial, lifestyle, fashion, and editorial work in magazines and editorials globally. Wedding photography has been our common thread as we come together and share our unique and similar vision of fine art wedding photojournalism.

What’s your style?

Our photography style would be considered fine art wedding photojournalism. For most of the day we are basically the "fly on the wall". We let real moments and emotions happen without being intrusive. There are a few times where we will take control to ensure the photo process is flowing. During the family group shots we will scout an appropriate location as well as pose family and guests using your shot list to make everything run smoothly for everyone. Another time we show more control is during the romantic photos. Like the family photos, we will scout locations beforehand and help direct so you look and feel natural. We believe the best portraits are when people are comfortable and being themselves.

Do you always shoot together?

We shoot most of our weddings together but use assistants depending on availability and the photography package chosen. We encourage couples to purchase packages were we shoot together but understand every budget is different. Since we've photographed hundreds of weddings together we are able to split up and follow the bride and groom separately and still have a consistent look and feel to your wedding photos.

Should I give you a shot list?

Yes and no. We work off of a shot list for family photos to make sure we capture the people who are important to you. It is fairly easy to put together and we can send a sample shot list for you to use as a starting point. Also, we want to know what is most important to you. So any special moment that we need to focus on is good to know. What we don't want is a 10 page shot list that was copied from an impersonal wedding blog. We need room to be creative and an extensive shot list will distract us from telling the real story of the day.

Are you available for destination weddings?

Yes! We love destination weddings and our passports are up to date for travelling anywhere in the world. When booking a destination wedding we will create a custom package that includes all travel expenses.

What equipment do you use?

We believe that the photographer is what is needed to create amazing images but understand that the camera is the tool to capture our vision. That said, we both use the Canon R5, 45 megapixel cameras and Canon prime & zoom lenses. We also bring back-up cameras in the unfortunate event of malfunction. Image preservation is taken very serious and we copy images to multiple hard drives to insure nothing is lost after the moments are captured.

How do we arrange your travel?

For destination weddings we book our own airfare/travel and rental car (if needed). We look for the most cost effective options that are convenient to your wedding plans and budget. Before booking your package we will agree on a travel fee that includes everything needed and add that onto your chosen wedding package. Ideally we would need to be at said location a day before the wedding to make sure we have appropriate time to scout and survey to the area.

My fiancé is uncomfortable having their picture taken. How can you help them on the wedding day?

Practice makes perfect so we recommend an engagement session to get a warm up in before the wedding. You will find that our shooting style is very relaxed and fun which translates to more natural/comfortable looking images. We also suggest practicing in front of the mirror with different poses and expressions to find the look that's most fitting.

What is your post/editing style to digital photos?

Our editing style is very film based. We like the grain, tones and character of film. Our goal is to make our images look timeless and steer away from fads and gimmicky filters.

Do you carry insurance for your photography business?

Yes, we have insurance for equipment and property of the wedding venues that require it.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept credit cards. A 3.5% service fee will be added to the chosen wedding package.

When will we see our photographs?

Our turnaround time is 6 weeks after the wedding. During that time we go through every photo to color correct as needed. After editing the images, they are mailed straight to you.

How do we hire you?

Click the contact button to the left and fill out your information and details for your wedding. We'll be in touch with you shortly to meet for coffee, chat on the phone or Skype, whichever works best for you. From there we find a package that works or customize one that fits your photography needs and budget. Finally, we'll send over a contract that covers the photography agreement. If all is correct, just sign and mail it back with the agreed deposit.